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Lions Put Together Plan For Nick Fairley's Month Away From Team

When it comes to potential offseason trouble in the NFL, now seems like a pretty dangerous time not just for players, but for all employees of teams. With offseason training programs around the league concluding and everybody getting some time off before training camps open next month, there is more time for people to get in trouble. The NFL is well aware of this and recently decided to tell teams to be extra careful at this time of the year, according to CBS Sports.

For the Detroit Lions, arrests have been a problem this offseason, especially for Nick Fairley. He was arrested for marijuana possession in early April and then was arrested for driving under the influence at the end of May. Both arrests occurred in Mobile, Alabama, and in order to ensure no additional issues pop up while he's away from the team, the Lions have devised a plan for Fairley.

"He has a plan for what's going to go on in the month off, as do the rest of our players," Schwartz said. "They get ready for training camp. There's still workouts. There's a lot of different things. I don't want to be particular with him, but he has a plan."

With the next month serving as the last real chance for players and team employees to relax until the next offseason, it's important to have some fun away from football. At the same time, it's especially important to be responsible. The last thing the Lions need is more off-field issues, and the last thing any player or employee needs is to be in trouble with the law and the NFL.

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