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Nate Burleson Says Matthew Stafford Is Getting Stronger

Calvin Johnson isn't the only teammate who Nate Burleson thinks is getting stronger this offseason. Burleson also thinks Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has gained some arm strength this offseason. Although Stafford's arm was already pretty strong last year, Burleson thinks Stafford has taken it to a new level with him not having to worry about recovering from a shoulder injury this year.

"My teammates and I have been talking about it. He's getting stronger. People don't realize last year was his healing-up year from the shoulder surgery," Burleson told ATL this week from Broadcast Boot Camp. "Imagine this year after a whole summer of working out (at) full strength and a season under his belt. He couldn't work out last year. Just imagine ..."

Burleson compared Stafford to Daunte Culpepper in terms of how hard he can throw the ball. Burleson said that when Stafford once threw the ball to him on a crossing route, "you could hear it whistling through the air." He says that moment was when he "knew Stafford had the same skill set as Daunte," and Burleson would know considering he was teammates with Culpepper in Minnesota.

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