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Alphonso Smith Doesn't Care About Trade Rumors

Back in February, it looked like the Detroit Lions might part ways with cornerback Alphonso Smith. He was the subject of a trade rumor from Jason La Canfora that said the Lions were "willing to move" Smith and were even actively shopping him. Nothing developed on the trade market at the time, but that doesn't mean the Lions weren't possibly trying to move him.

Fast forward to now and Smith is still on the team. Whether or not he will still be on the team in two months is a completely different story considering how much competition there is at cornerback, but Smith isn't concerning himself with trade rumors as he gets ready for the 2012 season.

"Please forgive my frankness...To be blunt with you, I really didn’t care," Smith said of the trade talk. "It didn’t happen. It still may happen. You never know.

"I don’t care about reports or rumors. Only thing I can focus on is I’m a Detroit Lion and I’m a Detroit Lion until I’m not."

Smith went on to say that he doesn't concern himself with the thought of being traded because it's not up to him. His job is "to come in and play," and that is his main focus right now.

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