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Nick Fairley Attending NFL Rookie Symposium This Week

Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley is no longer a rookie, but he is spending time with rookies this week in Ohio. Why? Well, he is attending the second session of the NFL Rookie Symposium this week, according to the Lions' official website. Confused? Let me explain.

Because of last year's lockout, Fairley didn't get a chance to go through the NFL Rookie Symposium. This year, the NFC's rookies completed their session at the NFL Rookie Symposium on Wednesday. The AFC's session began yesterday, and Fairley requested permission to attend it from the NFL. They granted his request, and he is taking part in the AFC session the rest of this week.

"Nick knows that his actions will speak louder than his words in accepting responsibility and moving forward," Lions president Tom Lewand told Thursday. "Asking to attend this year’s symposium is clearly a positive action and a step in the right direction."

Fairley, who did in fact plead not guilty to charges of driving under the influence and attempting to elude police, is trying to increase his chances of avoiding a suspension from the NFL. It still seems highly unlikely that he will actually avoid one, but doing something like attending the NFL Rookie Symposium and showing he wants to learn from his mistakes certainly can't hurt his chances.

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