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Top 10 Lions Of 2012: Last Call For Voting

In the few days voting has been live for our series on the top 10 Lions of 2012, nearly 400 of you have submitted votes. I figure it will take me a few days to go through all of the ballots and total up the points, so in order to get the top 10 ready to be unveiled starting next week, I am going to keep the ballot open for one more day. It will close at the end of today, meaning this is the last call for voting on the top 10.

Just like the first post that went up earlier this week, voting is simple. Just check out the ballot after the jump, write in your top 10 Lions players of 2012 (based on your own personal criteria) and hit submit.

As mentioned, I plan to start unveiling the top 10 next week, so keep an eye out for that as July begins.

UPDATE: Voting has closed.

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