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Gunther Cunningham On Nick Fairley: 'I'm Going To Take Care Of Him'

On the field, it has been a good offseason for Detroit Lions defensive tackle Nick Fairley. He is healthy after dealing with injuries throughout his rookie season, and by all accounts, he has looked quite impressive during the team's organized team activities.

Off the field, it has been a completely different story for Fairley. He has been arrested twice this offseason, once for marijuana possession and once for driving under the influence. While Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham's main focus is on what Fairley does on the field, what has happened off the field has grabbed Cunningham's attention as well. Considering his personality, you might think Cunningham berated Fairley for the slip-ups, but he is actually taking a different approach.

"He was surprised that I didn't tongue-lash him for two hours, but I knew he'd already gotten that from eight different people, so I took the approach that I'm going to take care of him." [...]

"I kind of committed myself as much as I possibly can. I told him wherever he is, I'm going to come find him. If I have to go see his family, whatever I have to do to get him squared away."

A lot of people have talked about how the Lions' veteran players need to step up and get some of the younger guys in line, but it's nice to see a coach step up and do exactly that with Fairley.

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