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Lions Will Continue To Keep An Eye On Kyle Vanden Bosch's Reps To Keep Him Fresh

Kyle Vanden Bosch is an important part of the Detroit Lions' defensive line. Not only is he arguably the defense's biggest leader, but he still brings a lot on the field as a defensive end. It is no secret that he is getting older and has dealt with injuries in recent years, but he still brings a lot to the table.

In order to ensure that Vanden Bosch can continue to be a contributor for the Lions on the field, they have been limiting his reps in practice ever since he returned from neck surgery a year ago. The plan worked, as he made 16 starts in the regular season in 2011, and the Lions hope that by continuing to keep an eye on his reps this year, he will be able to put together another full season.

"We just wanted to try to take (away) as many opportunities that he could possibly wear and tear on his neck," Schwartz said of Vanden Bosch, who did not participate in any team reps in the Lions’ mandatory minicamp June 12-15. "He had that fusion and all those different things."

Jim Schwartz went on to say that the Lions "have a plan for training camp" for Vanden Bosch in terms of limiting his reps. Because the Lions "saw good results" from limiting his reps last season, the plan is to do it again in 2012.

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