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Lions Notes: Martin Mayhew Sees 2012 Team As Most Talented Yet Under His Watch

  • Martin Mayhew thinks the current roster for the Detroit Lions is "definitely the most talented team that we've been able to put together." I certainly agree with that statement, as the roster is filled with talent and depth across the board.
  • Eastbay is the latest company to be involved with Calvin Johnson. He is certainly Mr. Popular these days.
  • John Clayton has the Lions on his list of teams that should be "worried" about not making it back to the playoffs in 2012. Every year in the NFL there is quite a bit of turnover when it comes to which teams make the playoffs, and Clayton think the Chicago Bears will take the wild-card spot the Lions earned last season.
  • Cris Carter thinks the Lions "could sneak in and represent the NFC in the Super Bowl" next year. I'm not sure if it's a good or bad thing that he likes what he sees from the Lions.
  • Lions running back Joique Bell hosted a football camp in Benton Harbor on Saturday.
  • San Francisco 49ers defensive end Aldon Smith was stabbed at a party in Santa Clara early Saturday. Luckily, the injuries he suffered were minor.

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