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Detroit Lions Sell Out Home Games Against Packers, Texans

Just like last year, the Detroit Lions have quickly sold out a couple home games on the first day that individual game tickets went up for sale. Specifically, tickets for single games became available at 10 a.m. ET today. Already, the Lions' game against the Green Bay Packers and Thanksgiving matchup with the Houston Texans are sold out.

In all likelihood, the Lions will end up selling out all eight home games for the second straight season. The Packers matchup was a good bet to sell out quickly given the opponent, and it's also no surprise that Detroit's Thanksgiving game is already sold out. The Falcons game is on a Saturday night on ESPN, and Detroit's game against the Bears is the regular season finale. Again, it's no surprise that a lot of tickets have already been sold for that pair of games.

If you still want to get tickets to the games that are already sold out, don't forget to check the tickets page on POD.

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