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VIDEO: Jim Schwartz Is Head Of 2009 Coaching Class

With Jim Schwartz getting a contract extension at the end of last month, he is set to continue to be the head coach of the Detroit Lions for years to come. Before the extension, he had one year left on his original deal, which was signed in 2009. The terms of his new deal are unknown, but we do know that he has earned a new contract from the Lions.

It has been a much different story for almost all of the rest of the 2009 head coaching class. Schwartz and Rex Ryan are the only head coaches hired in 2009 who haven't been fired. Of the 11 members of the 2009 head coaching class, nine have been cut loose so far.

With only Schwartz and Ryan still standing, Jerry Mallory took a look at the 2009 head coaching class in his latest video for SB Nation and Pride of Detroit. In the video are a recap of all the firings and an analysis of Schwartz and Ryan, the two head coaches who actually survived the past three seasons. Although Ryan has had more on-field success so far as head coach of the New York Jets, Jerry argues that Schwartz is the top dog of the '09 class because his stock is trending up. Check it out:

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