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Negotiations Reportedly Break Off Between Lions, Cliff Avril

It appears that the chances of Cliff Avril getting a long-term deal from the Detroit Lions this year are just about dead. Avril and the Lions have until 4 p.m. today to work out a long-term agreement, but NFL Network's Albert Breer is reporting that the negotiations between the two sides have officially broken off.

This is no surprise and essentially confirms what we have been hearing for the better part of the last year. The Lions and Avril don't agree on his worth to the franchise, which is why they were unfortunately unable to get something worked out.

Avril's options are now limited to signing his franchise tender, sitting out the 2012 season or trying to get a long-term deal from another team (that could be matched by the Lions). Another team isn't likely going to sign him, and he isn't going to leave $10.6 million on the table. Basically, in all likelihood he will be playing on his one-year franchise tender in 2012. He will then be a free agent again next offseason, and the Lions will then have to decide if it's worth it to franchise him again if a long-term deal still can't be worked out.

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