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Cris Carter Has Officially Changed His Tune On Calvin Johnson

Last summer, ESPN's Cris Carter made headlines over his comments about Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson. Carter didn't include Johnson in his list of the top six wide receivers in the NFL, and he said that Johnson is great in video games, but in real life he wasn't at an elite level.

Johnson spent 2011 completely proving Carter wrong. By the end of the season, Johnson had 1,681 yards, 96 catches and 16 touchdowns. It is clear that Johnson is not only an elite receiver, but an elite player in the NFL. Carter finally seems to be aware of that, because on Tuesday's episode of NFL Live he named Johnson and Matthew Stafford the most dynamic duo in the league. He also had some serious praise for Megatron.

"When you have a young quarterback, under the age of 25, coming off a 5,000-yard season, and you have the most dangerous weapon in the National Football League in Calvin Johnson, that’s why, this duo, to me, is the absolute best," Carter said. "Franchise quarterback with the No. 1 big-play wide receiver in the NFL."

What a difference a year makes.

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