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Larry Fitzgerald Would Pick Calvin Johnson Over Himself In Fantasy Football

Although Matthew Stafford had an outstanding 2011 season, a lot of people this offseason have claimed that his success on the field was mainly a result of getting to throw the ball to Calvin Johnson. There's no doubt that having a guy like Megatron is a big reason why Stafford had such great numbers, but Johnson was far from the only reason he was so good last year.

I haven't seen too many people reverse things around and attribute Johnson's success to Stafford, but Larry Fitzgerald sort of made that argument today on ESPN. He wasn't saying that Stafford was the only reason for Johnson's big numbers or anything like that, but Fitzgerald actually said he would take Megatron over himself in fantasy football because Stafford is the Detroit Lions' quarterback.

"I think Megatron and Matthew Stafford have a great connection up there in Detroit," Fitzgerald said (h/t to's Will Brinson for the transcript). "They put together a phenomenal year -- 5,000 yards by Matthew Stafford. So I would definitely take Megatron and Matthew Stafford. They have it going. We have some questions right now in Arizona. We have training camp to figure out who our starting quarterback is, so as of today I think that's a smart choice."

Quarterback stability is a wonderful thing.

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