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VIDEO: New Idea For Punishing Players For Off-Field Issues

Across the NFL, a lot of players just can't seem to stay out of trouble. The introduction of harsher penalties with the personal-conduct policy was supposed to help curb the amount of players who get in trouble, but it doesn't seem to be working, especially for the Detroit Lions. They have had six arrests this offseason alone, and players aren't learning from each other's mistakes.

In order to keep players out of trouble, perhaps a new take on how they are punished for off-field incidents would help. In his latest video for SB Nation and Pride of Detroit, Jerry Mallory examined this very possibility by coming up with a new fine scale that would deliver harsher penalties for those who get in trouble off the field. The video includes an interesting math lesson about the cost of getting a DUI, and it also includes a look at how this new punishment system would affect some of the Lions players who have been in trouble. Check it out:

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