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Lions-Packers War Of Words Continues!

Okay, not really. But the back and forth between the two teams did continue on Thursday during an interview with Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy. He was asked about a comment Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz made last month about how the Lions didn't cancel their final day of minicamp in order to go skeet shooting, which is what the Packers did. Schwartz said it was a "work day" for the Lions. McCarthy responded to Schwartz's comment during the Thursday interview by saying this (via Pro Football Talk):

"Their approach is really tailored to the way they go about their business, starting with their head coach," McCarthy said. "I don’t know what the problem with skeet shooting is; I thought that was probably one of the best events we’ve ever had here."

McCarthy went on to say that he doesn't "really worry about what other people do." This comes a week after Lions linebacker Stephen Tulloch tweeted that Packers wide receiver Greg Jennings "should worry about his own team." The tweet came after Jennings wondered on NFL Network about if the Lions will be able to maintain their composure for a full season given the issues they've had on and off the field in recent memory.

In this particular situation, I think McCarthy would agree with Tulloch's tweet in that Schwartz should probably just worry about his own team. Granted, Schwartz was just making a passing comment about how the Lions didn't cancel their final day of minicamp, but it's a reminder that even the smallest thing can be blown up weeks later.

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