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Corey Williams Was Arrested On DWI Charge In June 2011

It's pretty sad when it's no longer surprising when you read about a Detroit Lions player being arrested. It's been such a common occurrence lately that it's actually becoming surprising when we make it a week or two without there being any arrests. This offseason alone there have been six arrests involving Lions players, and now news of another one has come out.

The good news, I suppose, is this latest arrest didn't happen this offseason. The bad news is that it doesn't change the fact Lions defensive tackle Corey Williams was arrested in June 2011. He was charged with driving while intoxicated, and he appeared in court this week. Here are the details of the arrest from Monticello Live, which first broke the story:

On June 18, 2011, around 11:30 pm, the NFL star was pulled over in a traffic stop, west of Wilmar, by an Arkansas State Trooper, for crossing the center line. Williams was very polite with the officer, as he failed the field sobriety test at the scene, and was then arrested. William reportedly blew a .10 on the BAC test. .08 is the legal limit. He was charged, and soon released.

Williams' lawyer is arguing that Williams was racially profiled and didn't cross the center line, and the judge on the case has taken the argument "under advisement." A ruling on the status of the charge is reportedly going to be made in the next week.

The reason nobody knew about this arrest -- including the Lions -- is because it happened during the NFL lockout. The Lions only became aware of it today and in turn released their usual statement about how they are gathering more information.

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