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Aaron Berry Arrested On Three Counts Of Simple Assault

Late on Saturday night, Pro Football Talk passed along a rumor from a Miami Dolphins fan message board that suggested Detroit Lions cornerback Aaron Berry was once again in trouble This time, based on the rumor from the message board, it appeared that Berry was in trouble for pointing a gun at somebody.

On Sunday morning, Berry's latest run-in with the law was confirmed by the Detroit Free Press' Dave Birkett. Not a ton of information was provided, but here's what we know right now: Berry was arrested on three counts of simple assault by Harrisburg City Police. Also, a firearm was involved. This matches up with the account from the Dolphins fan message board.

As if this wasn't bad enough, this is Berry's second arrest in the last month. Back in late June, he was arrested for driving under the influence. After news of his arrest came out, Berry apologized via a statement. He closed it out by saying, "I understand these are just words and it will be my future actions that ultimately will speak for me." Given that he has been arrested again -- this time for assault allegedly involving a firearm -- I'd say his actions did speak much louder than his words in the end.

The Lions are now up to seven arrests this offseason alone. Berry is now responsible for two of them, and he's also responsible for the only "violent" crime. The other six arrests all involved being caught with marijuana or driving under the influence. This is the first arrest for assault, and it only reinforces my stance from when Berry was arrested last month.

The Lions need to make a statement. Actually, scratch that. The need to make a statement is long overdue, and at this point I would be upset if they don't cut Berry loose if these charges stick. I don't really care about the depth chart or that he is supposed to be a starter, and I know that the CBA can make it tough to discipline your players. However, the Lions need to do something to show they are actually mad about this. Enough with the pre-written statements. Put your foot down and do something. It's one thing to get caught with weed or driving drunk. It takes another level of stupidity to allegedly point a gun at somebody.

If Berry does remain with the Lions, they will almost certainly be without him at some point this season due to a suspension. A DUI plus an assault charge in the span of a month likely means that Roger Goodell will be reviewing yet another case of a Lions player being in trouble, and I can't see Berry avoiding a suspension given the nature of this latest crime.

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