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Detroit Lions Release Aaron Berry

The Detroit Lions have officially cut ties with cornerback Aaron Berry. Following his arrest over the weekend for allegedly pointing a gun at three people, the Lions decided that enough was enough and released Berry.

Berry's weekend arrest was his second in the span of a month, which is why the Lions decided to let him go. While Mikel Leshoure and Nick Fairley both were arrested twice this offseason and are still on the team, their arrests involved marijuana and driving under the influence. Berry was previously arrested for a DUI, and this past weekend he was charged with simple assault for allegedly pointing a gun at a group of people. Fair or not, from a perception standpoint, Berry's alleged actions came off as far more serious than being busted with weed or drinking and driving.

The on-the-field impact for the Lions is that they now have even more question marks in the secondary. Berry was projected to be a starter at cornerback, and now somebody else will have to step up and fill that void.

Off the field, hopefully this will send a message to the rest of the roster to stay out of trouble. The Lions really should have done something like this long before now in order to send a message, but better late than never, I guess. I'm sure parting ways with a projected starter who has a lot of promise as a player wasn't easy, but it was a necessary move by the Lions.

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