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Vote In The Detroit Sports Survey

The first ever Detroit Sports Survey launched on Wednesday. The purpose of it is to get fans' opinions on various questions involving Detroit sports. Some of the questions revolve around who you think is the city's most hated rival player, your choice for the best and worst coach in Detroit and which team you think will win Detroit's next title.

The survey, which is in conjunction with The Detroit Hustle and SB Nation Detroit, will be live for two weeks. After it closes and the votes are tabulated, the results will be posted on the various blogs taking part in it.

The survey is only 20 questions long, so it shouldn't take more than a few minutes to fill it out. It's pretty straightforward, although some of the questions were tougher for me to answer than others. (For example, I had a tough time narrowing down who is Detroit's most hated rival opponent.)

You can go here to vote in the survey.

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