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VIDEO: Detroit Lions Training Camp Battles

Detroit Lions training camp officially begins on Friday afternoon with the first practice of the summer. It will kick off a month-long grind for players and coaches, and it will also be the start of several intriguing battles. Some of the battles revolve around starting jobs, whereas others are based on simply making the team.

Jerry Mallory and SB Nation examined five training camp battles for the Lions as part of our NFL preseason video series. In the video, he takes a look at the offensive tackle position, the battle at cornerback, who will emerge at running back, the competition to be the Lions' No. 2 receiver and Willie Young's expected emergence in 2012. Check it out:

These are just some of the battles that will take place during Lions training camp. On Friday morning, keep an eye out for a post that will rank my personal top five training camp battles that you should keep an eye on over the course of the next month.

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