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Where The Lions Roster Stands: Special Teams

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Returning from last season: Jason Hanson, Ryan Donahue, Ben Graham, Don Muhlbach

New to the team: Derek Dimke, Matt Camilli

The Detroit Lions currently have two kickers, two punters and two long snappers. By the time the preseason is over and the final round of roster cuts takes place, the Lions will be down to one player at each position.

At kicker, Jason Hanson should return as the starter as long as he's healthy. In the past, the Lions have added a second kicker for training camp so Hanson doesn't have to handle all the reps, and that seems to be what they're doing with Derek Dimke. He doesn't appear to be a real threat to take Hanson's spot on the team.

At punter, there is actually a battle set to take place between Ryan Donahue and Ben Graham. Donahue pushed Nick Harris out of his starting job a year ago, and Graham ultimately stepped in when Donahue suffered an injury last season. Now, the two players are set to compete for the starting job at punter on this year's team.

Finally, at long snapper, the Lions have Don Muhlbach and the recently signed Matt Camilli. It's not clear right now if Camilli is merely a camp body or somebody the Lions expect to compete with Muhlbach, but it would be surprising if Muhlbach didn't end up making the 53-man roster.

Need going forward?

As long as everybody stays healthy, there isn't really any need to make any changes on special teams right now. If Dimke struggles during practice or a game or something like that, then the Lions may look to bring in another kicker, but nothing major is expected to happen at these positions.

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