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Guide To Detroit Lions Training Camp 2012

Detroit Lions training camp is finally here. The offseason is over, and actual football is set to once again be the focus of our attention. Over the course of the next month or so, the Lions will get ready for the 2012 season with four preseason games and practices on almost every day.

The long grind of training camp is just beginning, as is our coverage of camp and the preseason here on Pride Of Detroit. Throughout the duration of camp and the preseason, Pride Of Detroit will have daily updates on the latest Lions news, as well as analysis of the roster. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep track of our latest stories.

After the jump you can find more resources to follow Lions training camp.

POD is far from the only source of Lions training camp news. In fact, Twitter is my primary source of news from training camp, and I have assembled a list of accounts that you should follow from the local Lions media who will be covering camp. You can simply subscribe to the Twitter list I created (see below), or you can follow each individual account from the list.

Here are more resources to help you follow Lions training camp:

Twitter accounts to follow (media)

Twitter accounts to follow (Lions players/coaches)

Lions training camp schedule

Lions training camp roster

Lions roster analysis

Reminder: You can follow Pride of Detroit on Twitter and like us on Facebook.