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Lions Quotes: Jim Schwartz Comments On Day 3 Of Training Camp

July 27, 2012; Allen Park, MI, USA;  Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz during training camp at the Detroit Lions training facility. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-US PRESSWIRE
July 27, 2012; Allen Park, MI, USA; Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz during training camp at the Detroit Lions training facility. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-US PRESSWIRE

You know the drill by now. Below are Jim Schwartz's comments on Sunday's Detroit Lions practice. As always, the quotes are provided by the Lions.

On an injury update for T Jeff Backus: "I really don't have any updates. He's not long-term. He wasn't practicing today, that's it. He's not long term."

On if RB Mikel Leshoure is also considered a short-term injury: "Yeah. He's short-term also."

On Backus not wanting to miss reps: "Yeah, he's had a lot of reps. He's started for 11 straight years and has never missed a start and all that different stuff. We have a lot of confidence in Jeff when the bell rings that he always answers. We haven't changed systems. It's his fourth year in the system. But it shows you how committed he is, what a pro he is, what a leader he is that he doesn't even want to miss stuff that in his estimation that he still needs."

On screaming at rookie WR Ryan Broyles: "I barked at a lot of people. He didn't miss any reps. Him and Jonathan Scott, even though we were wearing shoulder pads today, weren't allowed to wear shoulder pads because there's a (three-day) acclimated reporting day and then two days of practice before they're able to wear shoulder pads so we had a couple of things like we took the pads off for that last period to get those guys some work and we also in some of the one-on-ones had the pads taken off one of the DBs so that (Broyles) could get some work and they just didn't do it as quick as I needed them to do it."

On what sticks out about rookie CB Dwight Bentley: "Yeah, I mean he keeps showing up. He's got good movement skills, he's playing inside slot and he's playing outside. He matches up against all our wide receivers; it's not just rookies-on-rookies. He's matching up against everybody and he's doing a good job. He's still got a long way to go, as do all our rookies."

On saying that DE Willie Young was not ready as a rookie yesterday: "I think it was his rookie year, there was a lot. He still hadn't really become a pro yet. There's a lot of transition that goes on. Some guys take to it a little bit quicker. He had some maturing to do. Physically he did, but also emotionally, mentally or whatever, but he did. He made a big jump last year and looks and appears as though he's made another similar jump."

On if he sees DT Ndamukong Suh making technique improvements: "He's always been a hard worker and he's done that in camp now. Everybody, whether last year was good or bad or mediocre, doesn't matter this year. Everybody's out to compete, to work, to do a good job this year. I say you're no different than anybody else (by trying to improve)."

On if it is too early to worry about running back injuries: "Like I said, I worry just about all the time. But we have plans for everything, including injuries. We have a lot of guys we can hand the football to and we've worked a lot of different situations and have a long time until we play a game that counts in the standings. When we do, we'll be ready."

On what he likes about CB Jacob Lacey: "You know, No. 1, he's experienced. He's a young guy but he's played a lot of football. He's got really good movement skills. He's not the biggest guy in the world but he finds his way around the football. You saw that yesterday, you saw that today, you saw that in our OTAs. And a lot of that comes from his physical skills but every bit as much comes from that he's got a few years' experience in the League. He's played a lot of football and you'd expect him to play well."

On S Erik Coleman's injury: "He just had a minor muscle tweak. He's short-term."

On comparing the Lions' defensive line to the New York Giants' line: "I think that we are an elite defensive line. I wouldn't compare us to anybody else. We're not trying to be the New York Giants. We're not trying to be anybody but the Detroit Lions. The talent that we have, if we play to our ability, that'll be enough. We don't spend our time thinking about anything else. We try to work, improve, go out every day and play well and stack ourselves up against ourselves and not how we rank in the League or anything else."

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