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Adrian Peterson Arrested For Resisting Arrest

As bad as the Detroit Lions have been when it comes to off-field issues this year, they aren't even close to catching the Minnesota Vikings in terms of how many arrests they've had since 2000. The Vikings lead the NFL in arrests since 2000, and they are now up to 39 total arrests since then with running back Adrian Peterson getting in trouble early Saturday morning.

As much as I'd like for the focus to be taken off of the Lions' off-field issues, I'm honestly having a tough time even understanding why Peterson was arrested. He was charged with resisting arrest, but he wasn't charged with anything else. In other words, why were they arresting him in the first place? From Pro Football Talk:

According to the source, Peterson, his girlfriend, and some family members were at a nightclub in Houston. At closing time, a group of police officers entered the club, and they began instructing the remaining patrons to leave.

Peterson wanted to get some water before he left, but an officer told Peterson that he needed to leave. Some words apparently were exchanged, but Peterson eventually walked to the exit with one of the club’s bouncers.

It’s believed that one of the officers then jumped on Peterson’s back from behind and tried to take him down. (Key word: "tried.") Other officers then joined the fray and completed the arrest.

Based on that account of what happened, it'd be surprising if the resisting arrest charge sticks. Even so, for the time being the Vikings have now had 10 arrests since January 2011. The Lions having six arrests since January 2012 is certainly awful, but let's not pretend they're the only team with discipline issues.

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