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Chris Houston Thinks Lions Secondary Could Surprise People

The common refrain from members of the Detroit Lions secondary is that it might surprise people in 2012. There is a lot of concern amongst fans about the state of the secondary given that it lost Eric Wright and added only Jacob Lacey and a few rookies, but the players on the team are confident in their ability. For example, Chris Houston recently told Fox Sports Detroit that he thinks the secondary will be just fine if everybody can stay healthy.

"The last two games of the season, there was a drop-off," Houston said. "We had a lot of injuries and guys trying to play through injuries. That comes with the game. There’s no excuses.

"But before that -- those 13, 14 games – we were up there at the top. If we can stay healthy, we’re going to surprise a lot of people."

Dave Dye pointed out that through the first 13 games of the season, the Lions were allowing an average of only 209.1 passing yards per game. If not for the injuries piling up and the performance of the secondary dropping off in the final weeks of the season, the Lions would have been on pace to finish ninth in the NFL in opponent passing yards per game.

Admittedly, I am a bit concerned about the secondary, but with how much talent the Lions have in the front seven, I think they will be able to get by just fine with the defensive backs currently on the team.

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