My Fantasy Football league on Yahoo

Hey all I know it maybe early to some but I have created a Yahoo league. League name is The Lions Den password is 0703. It is a 10 team league (I never have cared for large leagues) High scoring plus def. of players. Now I'm looking for good active players. Tired of these people that say they will be active and are not. So if you are interested please sign up. It would be nice if you would post that you are planning to join. Also the draft is this Friday at 930 pm eastern and it is a live draft with draft pick trading enabled (never tried it before). 2 div. plus 8 team 3 week play off. If we are not filled by Thrus. I will open it up to the public. However I would prefer to have an all POD league. Since I know we got a lot of good knowledgeable folks in here.. Cheers!!

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