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Don't Call Jason Hanson 'Sir'

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There have been quite a few good quotes from players and coaches during Detroit Lions training camp so far. Without a doubt, my favorite one was said by kicker Jason Hanson after Tuesday's practice. He was asked about fellow kicker Derek Dimke, an undrafted free agent out of Illinois, and this was Hanson's response:

Hanson later said that he started wearing his hat again to cover his bald head so Dimke wouldn't think he is so old. I don't think it worked, though.

"It's a habit," Dimke said. "I call all the old -- older, olderish -- people that I'm around -- my parents always raised me to say 'yes, sir, no sir,' and it's just kind of a habit. Ben (Graham), too. I get him every once in a while. So it was a habit I had to break."

In all seriousness, Dimke said "there's really no one else" he'd rather learn from than Hanson. If you're a new kicker coming into the league, I can't think of a better player to learn the trade from than Hanson.

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