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Welcome To The Pride: Tom 'TuffLynx' Baffy

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Well, Sean has finally gone and done it. He has gone completely crazy and given me a chance to be a front-page writer for Pride Of Detroit. Of course, all of you know me better as TuffLynx. It sounds a lot cooler than my real name anyway. As you can imagine, my name bought me quite a bit of grief in school.

I am one of the older contributors to Pride Of Detroit, being 54 years old. That means I can do some stories about classic Lions history from memory. I remember watching the 1970 Lions-Cowboys Wild Card playoff game on television with my father. I remember when guys like Charlie Sanders, Mike Lucci, and Alex Karras were playing for the Lions.

One of my earliest Lions debates was with my father over whether Greg Landry or Bill Munson was a better quarterback. My dad liked Munson and I liked Landry. I guess that is where I learned to argue about the Lions, so blame my dad!

In addition to my fixation on the Detroit Lions, I teach people to repair computers and administrate computer networks. I have also taught classes in web development. My latest fascination in computer technology has been to learn about video game development. I may eventually teach classes in that as well.

I am honored to be given an opportunity to take my blogging about the Lions to another level. The stories that I create will be a mix of analysis and opinions on what is happening with our beloved Lions. Most of what I write will be up for debate and I don't expect anybody to cut me any slack. Your opinions are as valid as mine. Yes Bret, that means you can still ding me over Louis Delmas. My goal is to provide thought provoking articles that give us something to discuss and that rarely happens if we are all parroting each other. I hope you enjoy what I will bring to Pride Of Detroit.

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