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Lions Quotes: Jim Schwartz Not Happy With Performance Against Browns

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The Detroit Lions may have only lost by two points to the Cleveland Browns on Friday night, but Jim Schwartz's comments from after the game made it sound like they were blown out. He was none too pleased with how the Lions played on Friday, and he made it clear that they need to get a lot better in the coming weeks.

Via the Lions, here's a look at what Schwartz had to say:

On if he was pleased with the play of CB Bill Bentley: "No. It's too inconsistent play for a cornerback. Give up a deep ball - that's something that we shouldn't allow to happen - and we were 50-percent on making interceptions. I don't think that's a good day at all for what he can do. I mean, he has a chance if he knocks the deep ball away and makes two interceptions in this game to have done something for himself. But 50-50 isn't going to get it done."

On what he liked and didn't like overall: "The biggest disappointment is the way we came out after halftime. You have a lot of guys on our second and third groups that are jockeying to try to make a good impression to make the team. We have a chance to go out 14-3 at the half, be able to get a stop, get a score and that game looks a lot different at 21-3. Instead, we let them back in the game and that was disappointing when we have guys who needed to play well in those situations and we didn't."

On RBs Keiland Williams, Joique Bell and the running game: "Those two guys, I think, did a good job. Keiland went in and creased a couple and so did Joique and they were running, generally, against bad boxes - meaning they were eight-man fronts, which are difficult to run against. But both of those guys ran hard, both of them fought for extra yardage, both of them did a nice job. Keiland in the first half and then spot-duty in the second and then Joique in the second-half."

On if he was pleased with the first- and second-team defensive lines: "Not really. We got a couple turnovers and that covered up some mistakes that we made. We gave up some runs when we shouldn't give up runs and put ourselves in a couple bad positions that we - I want to say bailed ourselves out with turnovers. It just covered up some poor play. We were 50-50 pretty much the whole night on defense. We made a couple plays, but we also gave up way too many."

On his first team offense: "We didn't score. That's the name of the game is scoring; we didn't score. Couldn't keep drives alive, didn't do a good job."

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