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Lions Quotes: Players Comment On Friday's Loss To Browns

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Aug 10, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) warms up before the preseason game against the Cleveland Browns at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-US PRESSWIRE
Aug 10, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) warms up before the preseason game against the Cleveland Browns at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-US PRESSWIRE

Following Friday night's loss to the Cleveland Browns, a number of Detroit Lions players met with the media. You can check out what they had to say below. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On what he got out of his first preseason action:
"It was good. Obviously would have liked to have not turned the ball over and scored a touchdown. But moved the ball pretty well there for a couple drives. We just have to come out with a little bit more energy, a little bit more urgency and execute at a little bit of a higher level."

On the interception: "Yeah, I had to cut it loose a little earlier than I wanted to. Pettigrew and I just kind of weren't on the same page as far as that coverage and his route, but it happens."

On if someone rolled up on him on that play, which is why he had to release the ball early: "Yeah, I don't know who it was, but somebody was there."

On where they are offensively: "We got a lot of stuff in. Just trying to improve on every practice, every game. Take this film, look at it and try to get better from it."

On if it felt good just to get out there against another team: "Yeah. Anytime you get to compete, go out there and play against somebody other than your teammates, it's nice. Got to have a good week this week and look forward to the next one. Learn from this."

On the run game: "Yeah, we were running the ball effectively - did a good job. I thought Kevin (Smith) - really all our guys - ran the ball well. Something that we need to make sure we're working on and try to get better at."

On if his goal is to get momentum over the next few games: "Yeah, I think so. You just want to, as an offense, go out there and execute as a team. Execute and finish. We didn't finish the game the way we wanted to in the second half and really didn't start it the way we wanted to either. It's something we've got to work on, something we've got to get going."


On his preparation: "Coach didn't make a game plan. You know, I just go out and do my job as best as I can."

On how he felt: "I thought it went well. Felt great. Now we'll look at the tape and make some improvements and go from there."

On if the game felt different than he anticipated: "You know, no. It's a football game. It's to go out there and block people, execute your assignments."

On the second team's ability to open up the run game: "You know, we just went out there and executed. You know, did our jobs."


On being confident in his first NFL game: "Yeah, definitely confident. Going out there in practice and going against our offense kind of prepared me very well to come out into the first preseason game. So I just give thanks to the offense, just competing against them and knowing it's one of the best offenses you've ever seen and just going out there and competing."

On the game not seeming too fast for him "No, it wasn't too fast after the first couple plays. It slowed down to me. I kind of like settled down and just did what I do in practice. Just try to go out and compete and just have fun.

"I played okay. I still messed up on a couple things. I've got a lot to improve on and I've got a lot to add to my game. I played ok; I would give myself an okay grade. I didn't play as good as I want to play, but there's always room for improvement."

On bouncing back after giving up a deep ball early: "Yeah, they got me on that one play. I didn't do my proper techniques and got beat. But I just tried to come back; I always try to come back and respond every time I get beat - try to respond and let them know that I let it go. Just let it go and try to come back and make the next play."

On whether the speed of the game is what he expected: "Yeah, the speed is a little faster. It's not as much faster as Gunther (Cunningham) says. Once you really just settle down and just relax, I mean it's not fast. It's just like practice, just a different team. Going against our offense in practice really prepared me for this preseason (game)."

On having a short memory and quickly moving on after giving up a big play: "You've got to have a short memory at the cornerback position - a short memory with confidence. Because you're going to get beat. Those guys get paid too. I got beat and like I said, I just had to come back and make a play. I had to make a play for myself and for my team."

On what he did on his interception: "I just played my right techniques. I just played my right techniques and ran my keys and just executed a play and got rewarded."


On his play as well as the team's in tonight's game: "You come out with the intent to, you know, be very dominant. To have an opportunity to take those reps fairly on in the first quarter means a lot to me but, you know, I guess it only shows how much work I put into it. Obviously this didn't happen overnight. I look for the team to improve from this day forward."

On going up against Cleveland OT Joe Thomas: "No, I didn't get a chance to get a hold of him but maybe, you know, in playoffs or something like that. Next year, who knows."

On the energy and the attitude of the defense: "Yeah, I mean, it's just the pressure all around the board. It's the coverage to the pressure up the middle. I mean all that goes a long way, you know. It all plays hand-in-hand and it comes down to a defense, overall, executing their job."

On the play of DEs Everette Brown and Ronnell Lewis: "I mean, Lewis, I don't think he should have done anything different. He came off a goal line block and he came off a gate screen like a bat out of hell. Stopped them right on a dime. And you've got Everette, man he's been busting his tail all camp, you know what I'm saying? Ever since I knew him in Florida State, you know, it was an ACC rival game and what not. I've known he's always been that guy. What he did tonight doesn't surprise me. I've seen him do it a ton of times, you know. There's no question or no way to stop him. That was it."

On the depth of the defensive line: "Yes we are. As you can see. You know, great talent all across the board. There's going to be some tough decisions that have to be made, you know, once that time comes. But there's no doubt in my mind that there are some guys who'll have opportunities somewhere else with teams if they produce the way they did tonight."


On the running backs: "We have a lot of good running backs from (Mikel Leshoure), Jahvid (Best), we still have Kevin (Smith), we have Keiland (Williams), we still have me back there. I mean, we have a really good backfield. There's been a lot of talk about the running game before in the past but I promise you that that's going to change this year."

On if there is an emphasis on the running game this year: "Yeah, of course. Every team wants to be balanced. You know, we have a great quarterback, a great receiving corps and now, you know, the backs are stepping up this year and we're going to bring this offense together and try our best to balance it out."

On the offensive line: "Oh, the offensive line did a great job. They told me that I was the player of the game and I went to my entire o-line that was blocking for me and I said, ‘This is our accomplishment, it's not me out there by myself. This is ours.' And they showed their appreciation and I give thanks to them, thanks to the coaches for the scheme, and just to the whole team going out there and executing the plays. It was a good day today."

On what it means for a running back to break a big run early: "I mean, of course it raises our confidence just a little bit. A little bit, not that much. No, it does. It raises our confidence a lot. To go out there and execute, it's great. Just to know what we're doing is working. Like my mother said, if it's not broke don't fix it. You just go out there and continue doing what we were doing and luckily it worked for us the whole game."

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