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Lions Injury News: Amari Spievey Missed Friday's Game Because Of Headaches

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Jahvid Best isn't the only Detroit Lions player who went into the offseason waiting to be cleared from a concussion. He is the only player who still hasn't been cleared, though, as safety Amari Spievey was given the go-ahead to participate in OTAs back in June. He dealt with the effects of a concussion he suffered in the Lions' playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints, and they lingered on throughout the first half of the offseason.

Although Spievey was cleared and has been participating in training camp, his reps were a bit limited on Thursday. It wasn't clear why, but it became evident that something was up after he missed Friday night's game against the Cleveland Browns. After the game, Schwartz explained why Spievey didn't play. From the Free Press:

"He had been having some headaches a couple days ago and we sent him back to make sure that they weren’t" related to the concussion, Schwartz after the Lions’ 19-17 loss at Ford Field. "And it doesn’t look like they are, but again, anytime we have anything like that we’re going to take a step back and put the breaks on. We had sort of decided a couple days ago that he wasn’t going to play. But he should be fine going forward."

So, is this a case of the Lions simply being cautious or is there more to the story? It's impossible to tell given how the Lions handle injury information nowadays. It's also tough to trust what Schwartz says considering Spievey wasn't on the list of players ruled out despite it being "decided a couple days ago" that he wouldn't play.

In any case, it will be interesting to see what effect this has on the Lions' safety situation going forward. With Louis Delmas already out, depth is thin as is. If Spievey can't practice or play because he's dealing with headaches, the Lions will really be hurting depth-wise.

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