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Calvin Johnson Misses Monday's Practice Because Of General Soreness

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Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson didn't practice on Monday morning. He was seen with his left index finger taped up, but it turns out that wasn't the reason for his absence. Instead, Johnson sat out merely to get some rest because of what Jim Schwartz called "general camp kind of legs and soreness." From MLive:

"He wasn't shut down because of his finger," Schwartz said. "Just general camp kind of legs and soreness. He needed a day here, too. Calvin doesn't have a regulator, either."

Johnson did acknowledge after practice that his finger was injured, but said he would fine.

The last time Schwartz said a player missed practice to simply get a day off was when Louis Delmas' left knee started acting up. Considering Delmas' injury ended up being serious enough to require surgery, it's tough to simply dismiss Johnson's absence as a mere day off. I certainly hope that's all it was, but if he is unable to practice again on Tuesday, consider me concerned.

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