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Lions Quotes: Jim Schwartz Comments On Monday's Practice

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Below is a look at what Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz had to say about Monday's practice. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On whether WR Calvin Johnson has been ‘bit by the (Madden 2013 cover) curse:' "No, no. He's just pretty much, not really a scheduled day, but an expected day off for him."

On whether DE Kyle Vanden Bosch's knee is long term: "No, no. He's not day-to-day; he's probably a little more week-to-week. He twisted his knee last week and we're just giving him a week or two to let it all settle down and when he gets back out there that (he'll be) strong and ready to go. You know Kyle; Kyle can't temper himself so we have to sort of temper him a little bit. But as soon as we can, we'll get him back out there but it just makes sense to shut him down right now."

On concern over Johnson having his finger wrapped: "No, no. He wasn't shut down because of his finger. It was just general camp kind of legs and soreness and he needed a day or two. I mean Calvin doesn't have a regulator either."

On WR Titus Young's strong performance at practice today: "Well, he was fresh. I think that his practice habits have been good. I think what you're seeing here is a case of him being gone for 72 hours or 48 hours, whatever it was - he left on Friday and got back today. And you know everybody else has camp legs. It shows you No. 2, how quickly these players can get it back with a couple days off. We're in training camp. I know we're playing preseason games and everything else but we're still grinding through training camp. These guys will get their legs back. When a guy does miss some time and he's healthy, like Titus, you should see a difference and I think we did today. Caught the ball very well today too."

On the possibility of Young being a breakout player this season: "Well, he's an important part of our plans. How, you know, breakout and everything else, I mean that's all relative as we go through the year. I mean the whole object is to score points, operate efficiently on offense, win games and he's a guy that can help us do that."

On RB Stefan Logan's versatility on the field: "Yeah, well he can obviously return kicks and punts, we've seen that from him. He can cover kicks, we've seen that from him. He's played wide receiver for us, he's been a little bit of a gadget player and he's played running back for us. So, you know, he's another guy that's a valuable member of our offense. Particularly where Jahvid is right now, you know, Stefan can step in and give us, not the same thing, he does it in a little different way, everyone's got a little different personality, little different skill set, but he can pick up a little bit of that slack that's been left with Jahvid."

On the everyday heroism of the Detroit Police force, some of whom were visiting practice today: "We have a lot of people that come out to see us practice but people that serve the city in a way that you know is to protect safety... We talk a lot about player safety and everything else and we're talking about public safety. When they go out to do their job, (comparatively) our guys go out to do their job, they got a chance of pulling a hamstring you know or getting a stinger in their neck or you know breaking a finger or doing something like that. Those guys put their life on the line every day they go to work. They do it for the citizens of Detroit. We've got a lot of respect for them."

On CB Bill Bentley having a rough practice today: "Didn't start off real quick. Gave up a few plays early. He's been a pretty consistent performer during camp but it started off a little slow. He made up some ground toward the end."

On T Jason Fox: "I mean he's looked like we thought he would look. He's been very consistent through camp; he's playing right tackle, he's playing left tackle. You know, he can get some snaps in at guard but he's answered the bell every practice and that's been a big thing for him."

On DT Nick Fairley's camp performance: "Yeah, I mean, he's continued to work through it. In a lot of ways this is his rookie year. Talk about consistency, he's made some very good plays and he's also been working on consistency you know, just in the running game and the pass rush game. It's an important training camp for him. He missed it all last year; he was never really healthy as he went through. It's important for him, not just to flash ability; we all know he has that, but to play consistent football for us.

On RB Keiland Williams first camp with the Lions: "He knows the offense pretty well. We saw when he runs the ball he's done well when he's been given those chances. But running back is not just running the football. You have to be good in pass game, you have to be good in protection game and you have to be able to play special teams. Those are all important things for him and he's done a good job so far on those."

On the level of disappointment in the coverage teams after Friday's preseason game: "Particularly kickoff cover. You know, you want to see guys go down there looking for contact and trying to make a good impression and we were a little hesitant on our kickoff coverage. I mean, we do live 9-on-7, maybe a live goal line period, and we put the shoulder pads on for some of those. It's very, very difficult to do special teams live. So when you do get an opportunity to do it, you have to kick it up and we didn't do that on Friday. We need to do a better job of that as we continue through our preseason games."

On the importance of continuity at the linebacker position: "Yeah, I think there's a lot of ways to look at continuity. One is we have three returning players but we also have scheme being the same. So (if) you have continuity players, doesn't do a whole lot of good if you're changing the scheme or changing the system. Those guys are all experienced within the system but a couple of them have league experience. Justin Durant and Stephen Tulloch have been other places too. So we expect a lot from our linebackers and I think that when healthy, that's a good group and we've seen some good things from some young players too. But you know, we talk a lot about our rookies, but I think Ashlee Palmer has had a very good camp also."

On his assessment of FB James Bryant: "Well, you know, we're really not a fullback offense team. But just like I said with the other running backs, it's not necessarily just playing fullback. You've got to be able to be available in the pass game. You have to be able to play special teams. You have to find a way to get on the field and one of those other things it's also important for us to have a fullback for our defense to look at; we're going to play teams that have fullbacks, so there's importance to the position. Again, he's a young player. He needs to be more consistent and we're still working on that."

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