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Cedric Benson Says Lions Tried To Sign Him

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Over the weekend, running back Cedric Benson signed with the Green Bay Packers. The move caught the attention of Detroit Lions fans, and not because he signed with a division rival. Rather, the fact that Benson was no longer a free agent grabbed the attention of Lions fans, as many had been hoping he would end up signing in Detroit.

Benson is not going to play for the Lions, but it wasn't for a lack of trying on their part. According to FOX Sports Wisconsin, Benson said that the Lions and Oakland Raiders tried to sign him before he got an offer from the Packers. Why didn't he sign with Detroit or Oakland?

"They talk about a Super Bowl around here, not about winning their first playoff game," Benson said earlier in the interview.

That sounds like a reference to the Lions to me. On the first day of training camp, the Lions established a goal of getting farther than they did last season, according to Chris Houston. In other words, make the playoffs again and win a game this time. The end game is to obviously win the Super Bowl, but it sounds like Benson feels the Packers are in a better position to do that this season.

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