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Lions Quotes: Jim Schwartz Comments On Tuesday's Practice

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Below is a look at what Jim Schwartz had to say following Tuesday's Detroit Lions practice. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On putting an emphasis on having less penalties: "Well, the emphasis is to win the game and we didn't get that done. I mean as much as we took a beating on penalties last year, I'd much rather win the game and have to explain ten penalties than lose the game and try to take solace in the fact that we only had one penalty. So, I mean it is something that we've talked about and it is something we have to do a better job of. But the object's to win the game and however we have to do that, we've got to do it. There was some things in the game that probably got missed, other things that got called just like any other normal game so we want to play well. We're not necessarily trying to, you know; our goal isn't to not have penalties, our goal is to play well."

On WR Nate Burleson gearing up in the offseason to become a more versatile player: "Well he's gotten deep a lot more than I remember him in camp. He's made a lot more plays down the field. He's moving well. He's a veteran player, and he knows how to get open. You know, but there's an old adage that as you get older as a player, you know you drop a little bit of weight to keep the quickness and stuff like that. He's a hard worker, he knows his way around. He's had some good mentors in the NFL so he's had a good camp."

On T Jeff Backus: "Oh yeah, we just shut him down for the day. His back was tight so we just shut him down for the day."

On QB Shaun Hill: "Well, he's a self-made player. He came in as an undrafted rookie free agent, worked his way up from the bottom of the league. He's been a starter, has a lot of experience in a lot of different schemes. You know, gives another set of eyes for the quarterback. The coaches do a good job of seeing things, but he's been under center and he does a good job of working together with Matthew. That's very important for a backup quarterback. He's got to be able to go in and win the game. He's got to be able to go in and play. But also he has to support the starter and Shaun's excellent at all those things."

On LB Ashlee Palmer: "You know Ashlee's been around for a while but he's still a young player. He's much more assignment-sound than he's been in the past, that's been a big thing. He's a little bit more experienced, that's been a thing so he's had a good camp."

On CB Chris Houston: "Chris is another guy; he's a young veteran. He's played a lot of football in the NFL but he's still young and you know he's very steady from week-to-week. Chris is a guy that you can count on to get the job done; makes very few mistakes in a game."

On the role the offensive line has played in camp: "We have experience on the offensive line. A lot of those guys have been playing together now for three years, even more than that in some cases. I think that's important. Like I said, they know how the other guys are playing. There's guys that have played at a high level in the NFL but then also we have some young guys that have sort of, I don't want to say stepped up, but they have shown their talents also and have shown that they can plug in and play for us. You know a lot guys that have been here like Corey Hilliard and Jason Fox... Fox, we talked about him being healthy and having a nice extended period. Then also you know young players like Riley Reiff, as a draft pick and even some guys that have been around a little bit. Gerberry and Gandy, both of those guys are doing a good job also.

On WR Calvin Johnson's work ethic being rare: "I don't know that he's unique that way; there are a lot of guys that are the best player that are also the hardest worker. It's a little bit like the quarterback situation. It's not that it doesn't happen but it's an ideal situation when you combine both: a player that's very talented, that's very humble, and that goes out and works. I said to him the other day, ‘You know you keep working like that you might make the team this year.' I mean there was a time, it was the individual period, and it was routes on air and he ran a route that was, I mean, he had to really drop his weight; he's got a long way to drop his weight and sat down and it was just perfect. He sort of smiled but that's the way he treats himself. He doesn't treat himself like he just got you know a huge contract, he treats himself as if he's out trying to earn his way and make the team and it makes it easier for the other guys to follow."

On running backs Keiland Williams and Joique Bell: "Those guys have been productive with the ball in their hand, but it's not just that. It's their ability to play special teams, their ability to block in the pass game, their ability to give the quarterback a target in the pass game and those guys have much improved in those areas."

On QB R.J. Archer's progression and playtime in this week's preseason game against Baltimore: "Yeah we'd like to get him in. It's hard to get a fourth quarterback in a lot, same thing with reps in practice. We keep the young players out at the end of practice to get those guys some reps and he's done a very good job in camp. You don't always have an opportunity to get those guys in. We'd like to get him in for at least a series last week but it didn't happen. He's been working hard. Hopefully we can get that accomplished for him."

On RB Stefan Logan today versus his position two years ago: "Well two years ago was a little different role because of the way the rules were. You know he was returning a lot of kicks, returning one for a touchdown, making a lot of plays on kickoff cover. Those things don't happen very often now. He's been used as gadget player, making some plays there. He's gotten a much more important role on offense now and you know mentally he's been very sharp. He's still multidimensional, he lines up split out as a wide receiver, lines up in the back field, you know does a lot of those things and he's also still you know ready as a returner. So last year his role changed a little bit with the way the rules changed but he's done a good job of finding a way to keep being useful."

On T Reiff taking guard reps the past couple days: "Yeah, well all our backup tackles have done that. Jason Fox has and Corey Hilliard has also. Even a rookie player like Pat Boyle has done the same thing and it's just the way we cross-train our guys. We've tried to leave him at left for a few practices in a row, move him to right, leave him there for a few practices and he's had a very good camp and he's improved every single day, but that's sort of the thing that goes along with the territory."

On DE Cliff Avril's first padded practice and managing his reps for Friday's preseason game: "We shouldn't have to manage him. He should be up to speed. He's been practicing for, it'll be two weeks basically, when we play and even though he hadn't been in full pads, we've been in shoulder pads and we've had some contact so it's really not too much of a concern."

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