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Lions Quotes: Jim Schwartz Comments On Wednesday's Practice

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After the Detroit Lions wrapped up their final practice before the Baltimore Ravens game, Jim Schwartz met with the media. Here's a look at what he had to say (quotes provided by the Lions):

On actor Jeff Daniels's visit to practice today: "If I'm ever flipping through the channels and Robert Duvall is in anything, I will watch it. I mean he can play every single part, and it's the same thing for Jeff. I mean that dude can do comedy, do drama, he's just talented. Play music, writes. I have a lot of respect for guys that are as talented as he is. In his world, he's every bit as talented as Matt Stafford and Calvin Johnson and the guys that we bring out here, but yeah I'll stop. Not many people can go from something like "Dumb and Dumber," which was absolutely genius, to "Newsroom", what he's doing now. I've only caught a couple episodes because I gotta watch ON DEMAND. I don't catch the first run of anything now. But one of these days I'll catch up on the season."

On Jeff being ‘multidimensional': He is multidimensional. He would fit in well with the Lions philosophy of guys that can do a lot of different things."

On what he got out of RB Mikel Leshoure at practice today: "It was a sign that he was able to do some individual. Yeah, he's been running on the side. He's been making good progress. You know, I mean that doesn't come around as quickly as we'd hope, but you know we saw that last year with Titus, with his hamstring and other guys that have had hamstring. So we've had some other guys that you know, you just got to take them as they come and last week he was able to run a little bit. And then it got a little bit sore on him after that, and it delayed us a couple days. But you know it's all just part of it. I wouldn't read too much into it. He was able to do that today. We'll see how it progresses and you know just take it day-by-day."

On making sure there are no steps backward for Leshoure: "He really hasn't had any steps backwards. He just hasn't had two steps forward; he's been taking half steps forward. He's been making good progress. But like we talked about yesterday, you know that urgency for him to get on the field and be able to do some things, that window is starting to narrow."

On the process of going from game one to game two of the preseason: "Hopefully we play a lot better. We need to play a lot better. We need to play with a little more sense of urgency. Like I said, yesterday was a training camp practice. Today was almost like a regular season practice. It was a preparation day. Tomorrow we'll travel. So we're on a little bit more of the game week kind of feel than last week where we were going right from a training camp practice right into playing a game. But there are a lot of things we need to improve on, including the tempo with which we play in."

On making a trip home to Baltimore: "Yeah, I like to stay on routine no matter where we go. You know, I stay on almost the exact same routine that we do. You know I'm sure I'll say hi to a couple of people before the game or something like that but our focus is on the Ravens and nothing else."

On CB Jacob Lacey: "Well, again we really don't have ones. He's in a lot of different substitution packages. He's played well for us in training camp, and he'll get opportunities both inside and outside. Then when we get to the game we'll see how much and how long those guys will be out there. But you'll see him in a lot of different roles. He's done a good job so far."

On CB Drew Coleman: "Drew Coleman is currently sidelined with a concussion. So he hasn't been out here in a couple days. He wasn't even at the facility. So when he's able to get back out, when' he's 100%, we'll get him back out. But you guys know that protocol is a very serious thing in the NFL and across sports. Not just football, not just NFL football, college football, high school and everything else so we'll take him day-by-day."

On the wide range of defense strategy attempted around the league to cover WR Calvin Johnson: "I mean he's been around for a while. He's been through the league a couple times. You know people have tried. I think the thing with us is we need to be set up where it makes it difficult for people to take the chance of doing too much with Calvin. We put other playmakers on the field, guys that can make plays. There was a play at practice the other day where, you know, Calvin was on the outside and Matt sort of looked at him and moved the safety over the top of him and hit the tight end right down the middle. I think that no matter what we see, and we'll see different things all the time, everybody's got a different idea because nobody's really been, you know, consistently successful in finding a way to get him shut down. So we'll continue to see a lot of different things, but as long as we're making good decisions on offense, as long as we have other playmakers out there, it doesn't matter what they do to him because we'll always have other answers."

On the progress of the defense: "I don't know. We have guys that are competing well. You know our safety position still a little bit in flux, particularly with Delmas being sidelined the way he is. We're a work in progress there. Our improvement there isn't necessarily going to show from day-to-day. There might be day-to-day improvement, but its gradual improvement. It's fitting guys in the right spot.

"You don't want to read too much into training camp where they know all the offensive audibles, and they know the procedures and things like that. It's very important to go out in preseason games and play teams that you're not familiar with to get evaluation of where we are."

On DE Cliff Avril playing in Friday night's game against the Baltimore Ravens: "I don't think we've announced that he's going to play. We will have 11 on the field. Hopefully. Most of the time. Cliff is a professional. Had a great year last year with no offseason, came in great shape. You know he spends a lot of time in the offseason working out with Kyle Vanden Bosch, which has really made a big difference for a guy like Cliff, a young player having a role model like that. He's come out here with a good work ethic each day. He's not just sort of sitting on where he was last year, there's new things he's working on daily. Things that after watching the film last year, we thought he could do a little bit better at; add to his repertoire a little bit. He's come out with a great attitude to work. He's a little bit behind everybody else, but great athletes like that catch up pretty quickly. It will be fun to get him back on the field and watch him."

On updates of RB Jahvid Best's status: "No he's still week-to-week. You know, he can do a lot of our physical stuff; he's not cleared for contact. But he's doing everything in his power to get himself right, but it's just a matter of time on a lot of those things. But there's really no updates there."

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