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Throwback Video: Martin Mayhew Tackles Barry Sanders

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Pride Of Detroit reader harendaman365 posted a really cool FanShot on Wednesday. It's a video of Barry Sanders torching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers back in 1994. The reason it's so interesting is because current Detroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew was playing for the Buccaneers back then. What's more, Mayhew actually made a tackle on Sanders during the game by saving a touchdown on a long run. Check it out:

The Lions went on to win the game over the Buccaneers by a score of 14-9, and Sanders finished with 237 rushing yards on 26 carries. It was yet another classic Barry Sanders performance, and it came on ESPN's Sunday Night Football.

Earlier in the season, Mayhew and the Buccaneers actually bested the Lions at home with a 24-14 victory. Sanders still put up big numbers in the loss, though. He rushed for 166 yards on 20 carries, and he had the longest run of his career in this game when he went for 85 yards.

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