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VIDEO: Analyzing Lions-Ravens Game And Some Fashion Tips For NFL

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We have already talked a lot about last Friday's win for the Detroit Lions against the Baltimore Ravens, and now it's time for Jerry Mallory to chime in with his highs and lows from the game. The Lions' special teams unit is a big focus of Jerry's latest video, which probably shouldn't come as a huge surprise after another awful performance by the cover units on Friday. Covering kicks and punts has been an issue for the Lions for a while, and they really need to get this problem corrected before the regular season.

Also in his latest video, Jerry offers up some fashion advice for the NFL and Nike. Specifically, he weighs in on the weird collar look that some teams have going on with their new Nike uniforms. The Lions luckily aren't one of them, but several other teams are on the different colored collar bandwagon.

Check it out:

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