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VIDEO: Lions-Ravens Highlights From A Slow-Motion Camera

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You probably opened this post expecting a video of "slowlights" from SandmanLions. Those videos are always interesting to watch, and admittedly, that's what I expected when I opened a link after seeing a tweet about ultra slow highlights of Friday's Detroit Lions-Baltimore Ravens game.

What the link took me to is an even cooler version of "slowlights." Specifically, Josh Geha posted a video of highlights from the game that were shot on the sideline using a slow-motion camera. The footage was recorded at 240 frames per second and does an amazing job of showing the action on the field. Not only is it an up-close look at the game, but it's also really interesting to see everything slowed down so much in the live footage. Check it out:

Pretty much anything looks cooler when shot with a slow-motion camera, and that's especially the case for football.

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