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Lions Claim DT Bobby Skinner Off Waivers, According To Report

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Typically when the Detroit Lions release somebody to make room on their 90-man roster, we already know who is taking that player's spot. More times than not, news of an addition to the roster actually comes out before news of somebody being let go. That did not happen on Monday, though.

The Lions waived-injured both tight end Nathan Overbay and safety Don Carey on Monday afternoon. So far, there have been no official announcements from the Lions about how they are going to fill those spots. In fact, so far only one half of the mystery has been unofficially solved. According to Aaron Wilson, one of those spots is going to defensive tackle Bobby Skinner.

Skinner is an undrafted free agent from Montclair State who spent less than one day with the New York Giants. He was signed on Aug. 16 and waived later that day to make room for defensive tackle Marcus Thomas. Needless to say, he will likely be a camp body for the Lions for the next week or so before the team has to start making cuts.

No word yet on who else is being brought in to get the roster back to 90 players.

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