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Detroit Lions Sign CB Isaac Madison

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The Detroit Lions are back to 90 players on their roster. After claiming defensive tackle Bobby Skinner off waivers to get up to 89 players, the Lions filled the final vacancy on their roster by signing cornerback Isaac Madison, according to the team's official site. The Lions also confirmed the move to claim Skinner off waivers from the New York Giants.

Madison, like Skinner, is an undrafted free agent. He played college football at Arkansas and was with the Dallas Cowboys for the first week or so of training camp. Since then he's been a free agent, but now he's on the Lions.

Also like Skinner, Madison is really just a camp body. With the first roster cutdown date nearing, I guess the Lions figured they might as well just go with a couple of camp bodies instead of bringing in a couple of veterans to replace Nathan Overbay and Don Carey, who were waived-injured on Monday.

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