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Bill Bentley Is Fast

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After Wednesday's Detroit Lions practice, some of the cornerbacks on the team decided to race. According to Chris McCosky, there was a challenge for Alphonso Smith to race Bill Bentley and Chris Houston to race Jonte Green. Houston and Green split their two 40-yard dashes, but it doesn't sound like the 40-yard dashes went too well for Smith, who was defeated in both of his races against Bentley.

Bentley and Smith are both actually from Pahokee, Florida, which is known for its speedy football players. Many stories have been written about how people growing up in Pahokee become fast by chasing rabbits. In an interview four years ago, Smith said Pahokee's penchant for producing athletes has more to do with the talent that is groomed in the city over time, but he admitted that chasing rabbits "gives you the agility you need." Apparently not enough to outrun Bentley, though.

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