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Lions Quotes: Jim Schwartz Comments On Thursday's Practice

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Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz met with the media following Thursday's practice. Below is a look at what he had to say. (Quotes provided by the Lions.)

On WR Kassim Osgood working out before the Lions signed him: "Yeah, he worked out yesterday. We were able to get him signed. He has a long resume as a marquee special teams player in this league. Last year he had a few injuries and ended up as a cap-casualty in Jacksonville. We'll give him a good long look; get him up to speed as quick as we can. His history is that he's a marquee special teams player. "

On Osgood on special teams being related to S John Wendling's current position in the defense rotation: "No, not really. It really is independent of John. We had a chance to get a guy that's experienced. We've been having some issues covering kicks and covering punts. Those are the things that he does very well.

On expecting RB Mikel Leshoure to play in Saturday's preseason game against the Raiders: "He's still on track. So we'll hopefully keep him on that track."

On the contribution Osgood brings to special teams: "He's played about everywhere on kickoff coverage but he's a guy that traditionally has been double-teamed; he's a gunner. He's a four-phase special teams guy."

On rookie QB Kellen Moore's progression: "He adapts very quickly. I think you saw improvement from him from Game 1 to Game 2 and he needs to stay on that same path. He's worked with receivers; you see his timing and things like that. He just gets more comfortable with receivers that he's with. It's tough on the third quarterback in camp when there are 90 guys because you're generally throwing to different guys all the time. But he's starting to get into a little bit of rhythm and he had a good day today."

On the decision to keep a third quarterback on the roster: "That will be a decision that we'll have to make at some point."

On the makeup of guys similar to Osgood that excel year after year on special teams: "Well it's a way to get on the field; you have to do something to get on the bus. There are some guys that are young players that play special teams while they're developing as offensive, defensive players. There are other players that make a career of it... And Osgood has played offense. He's got a handful of touchdown catches in his career and he's played wide receiver; he's a big guy. But his calling card has been special teams and that's how he stayed in the league and that's how he's made money."

On WR Wallace Miles kicking today in practice: "Yeah we were just having a little fun out there."

On Miles having a good practice today: "He's another guy that has improved each step along the way. Didn't have a ton of experience coming out of a smaller school in North Carolina A&T but has adjusted well. As camp has gone on he's made more and more plays; his technique has gotten better. His understanding of the offense has gotten better and he's one of the guys that Kellen has some rapport with. He's made a lot of plays for us; he's done nice."

On whether a decision has been made to keep RB Jahvid Best on the Physically Unable to Perform list: "When we get; no decision has been made right now."

On what will go into the Best decision: "Well particularly with concussions, his time is always beneficial. You've seen that with a lot of other guys that have come back. That would buy us time if we had to cross that hurdle."

On further Best updates: "He's doing great. He's working out hard; he's just not cleared yet."

On comparing Best to NHL star Sidney Crosby as far as concussions affecting play: "Football is a different game. Again, you can't judge one guy on something else. Everybody's body is a little bit different, everybody' reaction is a little bit different."

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