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Lions Quotes: Scott Linehan Talks About Kellen Moore, Mikel Leshoure, More

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Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Scott Linehan spoke with the media following Thursday's practice and addressed a number of topics. Via the Lions, you can check out his comments here:

On WR Nate Burleson losing weight: "I think he lost a little. I see him maybe a step quicker at least through camp. It's held up through camp and the camp legs. Nate is versatile. He can do a number of things for us. We've been very happy with Nate since he's been here in his ability to help us in any facet of our offense."

On if he is anxious to see RB Mikel Leshoure in a game: "Oh yeah. I'm really excited for him. It's been a long road to get on the field. We'll see how much he plays and how much work he gets, but I think everybody is excited and nobody more than him to get out there."

On what feel he has for Leshoure: "Well, I believe he'll go out and perform very well. You know, he's coming off a good full week of practice and usually when that happens you're prepared to have success on the field. It'll be fun to watch him get his first action."

On how he decides how much Leshoure will play: "Well, like I said, it's not going to be a full game. We'll talk about it as a staff and see, but we'll get him a fair amount. Once we feel he's got enough work in, we'll just kind of make that call during the game."

On how he feels about the run game: "Well, I'm really happy with it. We've been able to have success running the football. The defenses are giving us the run somewhat so far and I think the guys have responded no matter who's carrying the ball with getting positive yards. We're making progress there."

On QB Kellen Moore's progression from the first preseason game to the second: "Well, Kellen had much better situations for him, just normal football situations, the second week. He got put into pretty much impossible two-minute situations (the first week). It's hard to be successful no matter who you are. Then last week he was put in a position where it was like a normal game where it was as if he was playing the game, and I saw a real efficient player. He took a couple, made a couple shots that counted for a couple explosives and he just gets better and better. What a lot of people aren't able to see is his maturity and growth out here on the practice field on a daily basis. I really believe he's done nothing but improve every day for us."

On if the coaches have decided to keep three quarterbacks: "Jim can comment on anything roster-wise. We'll decide on all that when it comes to final cuts and all that stuff. (Moore) has made a great impression on us."

On several good offensive linemen that may not make the roster having created good competition: "Yeah, the competition has been great with the O-line. I think every one of them has responded, whether it's starters, you know, the first group of backups or even the third group that are trying to make an impression. I think they've all gone in and made a very good impression on Coach Yarno and Coach Washburn and Jim and myself and everybody. It'll be interesting. It's a great situation to have. Competition is always a good thing. You know, we'll have some tough decisions to make when it comes to the final cuts."

On G Rodney Austin: "Yeah, Rodney's played really well. For a guy, small college that size, he's made a lot of positive impressions on us, whether he's playing guard or center, to show us that he can really take on the center role some and do that as well as play guard which we feel is a really good position for him. We'll see, but you know, after the first three weeks in pads and the first two preseason games, he's one young guy to watch."

On how much special teams ability comes into play when making decisions on non-starting receivers and running backs: "It all factors in. I think everybody's going to go into the first game or the first part of the year with certain roles that are defined. Generally speaking, I think it's pretty much common sense. If you're not a starter, you have to have a fairly big impact on our special teams. The more you can do, is what I always say, the better chance you have of, you know, making that the tiebreaker so to speak. So, we'll see. But there's a lot of guys that are working hard to get better at both and I think the next two games will have a lot to do with that."

On how tough it is to cut players: "It's the hardest part of coaching - I've always said that. Not being able to take, every year, the 90 guys you go into camp with, with you throughout the season. Because every one of them has been, you know, sweating and working hard on a daily basis and giving us their undivided attention in meetings. It's just the tough part about the business is that you only keep 53 and eight on practice squad. Yeah, it's something you really don't like to think about as part of the game, so you're rooting for everybody."

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