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Kevin Barnes Trade To Lions Is Now Official

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The Detroit Lions have now officially acquired cornerback Kevin Barnes from the Washington Redskins. News of the trade first broke on Monday afternoon when Barnes told a reporter that he had been dealt to the Lions. There wasn't any official confirmation on Monday since he still needed to take a physical for the deal to be made official.

On Tuesday, the Lions did officially announce the deal.

As mentioned on Monday night, the Lions gave up a conditional pick in the deal. It's not clear what exactly the conditions on that pick are, but it's safe to say that the pick is from a later round.

Barnes, who is wearing the No. 32, practiced for the Lions on Tuesday morning. It's not clear if he will be ready to play on Thursday since he just joined the team, but considering the Lions likely will be without Chris Houston and Bill Bentley, he may be forced into action.

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