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Brady Hoke, Michigan Football Coaching Staff Check Out Lions Practice

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The Detroit Lions had more visitors at training camp on Friday. On Thursday, they welcomed NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and John Madden to practice, and Brady Hoke and the University of Michigan football coaching staff were in attendance on Friday morning. Hoke previously visited Chicago Bears training camp to see his brother Jon, who is the team's defensive backs coach. This was the purpose of Hoke's visit to Lions camp:

Hoke, who coached defensive linemen during his first stint at Michigan (from 1995-2002), was taking notes during the Lions' D-line drills, according to Larry Lage. Hoke said he wasn't going to bug Jim Schwartz or anything like that, and he seemed to focus on defensive line coach Kris Kocurek and the D-line.

In addition to checking out drills, Hoke got a chance to say hello to center Dan Gerberry, who played for him when he was the head coach at Ball State.

Michigan opens fall practice next Monday (Aug. 6) and will start preparations for its season-opening game against No. 2 Alabama. (On a related note, I'll actually be covering the final round of Lions roster cuts from Dallas before attending the Michigan-Alabama game.)

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