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Lions Notes: Mikel Leshoure Can Be Around Team During Suspension

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  • Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson were quite good during the preseason, to say the least.
  • A few hundred Boise State fans were in attendance on Thursday night for the Lions' game against the Buffalo Bills. Why? Well, Boise State is set to play at Michigan State on Friday night, and Broncos fans decided to come out to support Kellen Moore and Titus Young, who didn't play. Young was quite impressed with the turnout.
  • This is just a great quote from Mikel Leshoure:
  • Leshoure's suspension during the first two weeks of the season won't prevent him from being around the team. He can't practice or play in a game, obviously, but he will be allowed to attend meetings and lift weights, according to Tim Twentyman.
  • If the replacement officials do in fact end up working Week 1 of the regular season, Shannon Eastin, a female official, is reportedly scheduled to work the Lions' game against the St. Louis Rams.
  • During Friday night's game, safety Ricardo Silva left with an arm injury and safety Reshard Langford left with a calf injury.
  • Riley Reiff got work at both offensive tackle and guard on Friday night.

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