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Lions Roster Cuts: Dan Gerberry Released

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The Detroit Lions are down to 54 players. They moved one step closer to getting down to the 53-player limit by releasing center Dan Gerberry, according to Dave Birkett.

This move leaves the Lions only one more player to cut before 9 p.m. ET. The roster will likely change a bit on Saturday with waiver claims being made, but for Friday, the Lions just need to release one more player. Among the candidates are Kellen Moore, Patrick Edwards, Kassim Osgood and Ricardo Silva. I'd bet on the Lions not keeping six wide receivers and letting one of Edwards and Osgood go, but that's just a guess.

For those wondering, Moore was just recently asked about his status and he hadn't heard anything. He did say he will at least make the practiced squad, but anything beyond that wasn't clear at the time.

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