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Last Call For Expressing Interest In Joining Pride Of Detroit Fantasy Football

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As mentioned a week ago, Pride Of Detroit Fantasy Football is returning again this year on Yahoo! Sports. I will pick the 11 competitors who will join me in this year's official league in the next week, and we will get the league rolling with our draft at the end of this month.

If you did not leave a comment on the first post expressing interest in joining, this is your last chance to do so. Who will join me in the POD FFL is based largely on how active you are on the site, and it's also based on who lets me know that they are interested in being in the league. Simply leave a comment saying you want in to be entered into consideration for the POD FFL.

If you don't end up being selected for the POD FFL, you can still obviously participate in a fantasy football league with other POD users. Feel free to use the FanPosts section to organize and find leagues to participate in this upcoming season.

Yahoo! Fantasy Football supports and fantasy league families everywhere. In addition to the great drafting, trading, scoring and research that makes it the #1 free fantasy football game, this season also features a brand new mobile app and Pro Leagues, where you can compete for cash! Get ready for kickoff by signing up now!

Reminder: You can follow Pride of Detroit on Twitter and like us on Facebook.