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Lions Quotes: Jim Schwartz Comments On Sunday's Practice

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Following Sunday's practice at Ford Field, Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz met with the media. Via the Lions, here's a look at what he had to say:

On DE Cliff Avril being back to practice today: "The only thing he did was run his conditioning test today and he looked good doing that. You know, we have a lot of trust in Cliff; he's been through a lot of football with us. We understand business is business and we knew he'd be back and we expect him to have a great year."

On being back at Ford Field in front of the fans: "Well, a lot of these guys are going to play their first ever game in Ford Field on Friday. You know, I'm not a huge believer in sort of getting acclimated to conditions, but just being down here and knowing what kind of shoes you're going to wear and sort of testing them out and you know, fielding punts down here and different things like that, I think it's good to get the players down (here). They know where the locker room is, they know how to get down (here). It takes a little bit of the apprehension from the rookies and the new guys when it comes to the Friday preseason game."

On WR Nate Burleson's interaction with fans after practice: "I mean, it was a light practice today. I'll be honest with what it was. You know, Nate's a guy that enjoys football. He likes having fun playing and it can get a little bit tedious during training camp. You're out there every single day. It gives them a little change of scenery having the fans there to applaud when you make a good play. It just gets guys going a little bit more."

On CB Bill Bentley: "Yeah, he's made a lot of plays for us. He's a good player. We liked him when we drafted him. You know, he's done nothing but justify that pick. He's been playing outside, he's also been playing inside for us. He gets his hands on the ball. Still have a few too many sort of college interference and illegal contacts and he's sort of working his way out of a lot of those. Got a long way to go, but he's shown us some good things also."

On if he's going to stay for the concert: "I'm going to stick around for a little bit. You know, we're never too far from work, it's still training camp. But we'll take a half a second to breathe. I've missed Randy Houser the last two times he's been through town, so I've got to catch this one."

On the importance of the inaugural "Coach's Kickoff" bring the players and community together: "Any chance we have to get our fans going with coming out to training camp, coming to a preseason game, a regular season game, you know a charity event in the community or coming down here to an open practice, it just lets our players know a little bit more of who their playing for. You know, every day they see their teammates, they don't see the fans every day. It gives us a great opportunity to know the fans of Detroit and know the city a little bit better."

On WR Titus Young: "Yeah, he was still a little bit tight today so we just shut him down. It's nothing long term, it's short term."

On if DE Cliff Avril will have to wait until later in the week to practice: "No, he'll be out there tomorrow. He just won't be in shoulder pads like everybody else. He'll go through individual, run some on the side, we might even take the shoulder pads off of one of the other players and get him some work. But yeah, he's got acclimation and then we'll get him out. He doesn't need an off day, so the other players will be off and we'll get him some more work. And then when we come back on Wednesday he'll be same as everybody else."

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